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Linda Barker

Linda Barker (born 6 October 1961) is an English interior designer and television presenter. She is 5ft 7in, non smoker, does not drink often.   bodydietwiki.comLindaBarker2

50+ with the body of a 30 year old!

With an amazing physique aged 51, she really knows how to look after her body. What is Linda Barkers Secret to a toned body? What is is diet, her workout routine? Let’s find out.

In 2013, Linda Barker competed in the TV show Splash! Linda made it though to the semi-final of diving-inspired talent show ‘Splash!’ wearing a bathing suite that caused a stir in the press and for people to question her age.

“It was just like I was walking on air, it was incredible. Everyone was being super-complimentary and asking ‘What’s your secret?’”

Linda Barkers exercise routine – keep it simple

Linda exercises a lot. As well as going to the gym twice a week, she runs marathons. The amount of cardio Linda does keeps her slim. “I know it’s a bit of a pain for a lot of people, but I do really love exercise” says Linda. If you can integrate exercise into your daily life and enjoy it, you’ll see the results. Linda genuinely enjoys exercise. As well as the benefits for the body, it helps the mind and extends your life. Although many more older people are getting into gyms, the intensity is sometimes just a little on the slow side. Linda explains “Every session is 100 per cent to my max. I couldn’t possibly go to the gym and work myself out that hard”. Having a personal trainer helps, but the want and push you give yourself is worth more.


Linda Barkers’s Yoga

To get that swimsuit body, wasn’t an overnight success. It’s not just the body, it’s the flexibility to run, to drive and take part in Splash! Yoga is a great way to stabilise core muscles and many gyms offer classes. Flexing your body is something we should all do in a controlled way, especially if you experience back pain or are still due to a manual job / tied to a desk chair. “When I turned 40, I got into yoga. I do mostly vinyasa flow, a little bit of ashtanga”

The best thing about yoga, is you can do it nearly anywhere. Linda explains’

“I’ve got an hour and a quarter of yoga routine in my phone. I can do it in a hotel, my bedroom, living room – wherever I am. That gets me really focused.” 

How to get Linda Barker’s body –  counts calories subconsciously

Although Linda doesn’t count calories consciously, she has managed to stay at a weight and size she is happy with and manages the scales with compensation. If you are overweight and want a tighter body with no experience of calorie counting, we suggest you take a look at our counter to get to Linda’s stage and then manage it yourself the way she does.“If my skinny jeans are a little loose, I feel great. If they’re tight, I go on the juice for a day. Juicing is really key. But I do naturally like healthy food, and cooking healthy food”bodydietwiki.comLindaBarker3

Linda Barker’s diet

Linda is a fan of juice. ”I start the day with a really nice juice at home, and that sets me up for the day.” Although you might go away and do this, be careful of natural sugars in juice. We recommend maybe blending a banana, apple and kiwi together for a perfect morning shake. Be warned, there are a lot of calories in a juice, so you may want to count them up if you are coupling that with a food as well. Linda seems to only go for the Juice.

“I need to feel full – there’s no way I can feel hungry, I can’t operate.” As Linda says. It’s important you don’t starve yourself. It always takes a while for your body to get use to a new diet and calorie range. If you stave yourself, you are likely to go eating crisps and chocolates in a binge to get an instant hit of sugar. Low GI cabs are one way to combat this to keep you fuller for longer

A typical day for Linda

Breakfast: Juice

Lunch: Soup with a slice of Low GI bread or fruit

Dinner: A protein source like chicken with often green veg or rice if you have had a strenuous day.

Diet is a way of life and Linda has lived this life and reaps the rewards. Linda has admitted to enjoying sweets and chocolate, but knows the fine balance of burning it off and not overindulging too much.


Linda Barker’s secret to attractiveness….

“You should love the shape you’re in. The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence in her body.” 

Linda is a positive, happy person and this helps her have that get up and go attitude and gives her a great look more than the workout.

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